Elvis Nelson Gosife Udofia

Elvis “Nelson” Gosife Udofia  is the creator, owner and chief executive of HINNews Media.

The Port Harcourt, Nigeria-based Udofia was also the architect of other disinformation websites, and his Google Adsense and Analytics IDs have been traced to the now-defunct GossipmillSA website, as well as the more recent BreeknuusZA website. Udofia has denied any links to these websites, and claimed that the Adsense ID’s were copied along with other content from their website.

According to his Facebook profile, Udofia was briefly based in South Africa around 2013, but he has since relocated back to his home country.

He is also responsible for the Facebook group “Latest News South Africa”, which is a platform used by HINNews to distribute its fabricated stories.