Mercedes Benz

Enquiries sent on 21 September 2018.

(28 September 2018)

“The adverts in question are not third-party placements (i.e. direct placements), but appear to be distributed via the Google Display Network (GDN). Simply put, GDN serves as a network of websites run by Google Ads, reaching over 90% of internet users worldwide. Google Ads are displayed wherever target audiences are, and serve as an effective marketing tool to target audiences to deliver better campaign performance.

The unintended consequence of the pervasiveness of GDN is the difficulty to monitor the number of websites where our advertisements are displayed.  We are conscious of the potential of incorrect placements and ameliorate the effects thereof through continuous monitoring of keywords and, in some cases, blacklisting keywords. We also negative match against sites displaying explicit, false, racist, sexist and/or abusive content. Since such sites are constantly proliferating, it is an ongoing task to monitor and update blacklisted sites, keywords, and negative matches, which we do on a regular basis across all our placements. We are also constantly investing in relevant tools to enhance the negative matching process and reduce the associated risk.

Mercedes-Benz South Africa ascribes to the value of integrity to guide the basis of our conduct, both online and offline. Integrity is essential to protecting our reputation and enabling our future success. Accordingly, Mercedes-Benz South Africa would not subscribe to a website that is incongruent with our corporate values.”