Coronation Fund Managers

(25 September 2018)

Hi Jean,

I hope you are well, thanks for giving us the opportunity to provide input around something very topical, which influences all of us.

Our client Coronation advised us that you approached them for comment. As their agency and on behalf of them & any other client that we represent, we welcome the opportunity to provide our point of view in an environment where technology has changed the shape of how we reach consumers & allow them to engage with our clients’ brands. Please see our feedback below:

We know you are engaging directly with Google. This site was bought as part of the GDN network. As soon as concerns were raised around the credibility of content on the referred to fake news site, it was black listed/blocked and none of our clients will ever be on this site again. When we discovered the site, we immediately raised it with Google.

Under no circumstances would the Dentsu Aegis Network, as custodians of our clients’ brands, consciously support sites which are illegal, undesirable or dubious in any form. We take brand safety incredibly seriously and on behalf of all of our clients we undertake every effort to ensure that any online inventory we deploy is legitimate and of a quality that is contextually suitable.

The Dentsu Aegis Network applies rigorous brand safety criteria to our advertising on behalf of our clients, we would be happy to provide more information around this if need be. This is of paramount importance. We utilise black and white list environments to ensure that we exclude any undesirable websites whether illegal or of questionable content in any form. Updating these lists is an ongoing task within the group.

Given the proliferation of fake news sites it is an ongoing challenge in our industry to identify and contain the threat of these sites.
Those identified are immediately blacklisted and added to our list. Additional measures to curtail this are the use of negative site and keyword exclusion lists which prevent us from appearing to the wrong audience and within the wrong contexts, based on digital content labeling as well as category exclusion.

There is no situation where we would knowingly participate or condone advertising in this space nor would we consciously contribute towards advertising profit.

In order to safeguard the integrity of our clients’ brands we continually review and update our lists of sites in order to further extend and maintain our blacklists. We also work closely with our global teams to ensure that we follow global best practice for Brand Safety to aid us in detecting and acting upon such sites.

Please contact us should you require any additional information or if you have any queries.

Warm regards

Tanya Schreuder
Group MD Media Brands
Dentsu Aegis Network