Builder’s Warehouse

(20 August 2018)

Dear Jean,

Thank-you for sending the relevant screenshots through to Builders Warehouse. I would like to reiterate that it is not Builders Warehouse policy to advertise on fake news sites.

As an immediate step I have asked the Builder’s Marketing Director and our Head of Advertising to investigate the particular examples that you have sent to me.

Their task is to:

  1. Confirm the validity of the adverts;
  2. Establish (if adverts are valid) what led to their appearing on fake news sites;
  3. Withdraw the adverts and any others that we identify; and
  4. Implement (if adverts are valid) a process to ensure that all future digital placements are screened to avoid placement on fake news sites.

We will keep you informed of the outcome of our investigation.

Thanks again  for drawing this situation to our attention.

Llewellyn Walters 
CEO Massbuild 


(21 August 2018)

Dear Jean,

Thank‐you for contacting Builders Warehouse and for drawing your concern to our attention. Please find below our further response to your query.

It is not Builder’s policy to advertise on fake news and illegal websites. The challenge that we face is that the reliability of the source recording blacklisted or fake news websites is not always accurate. We are however currently investigating safeguards that can be implemented with our advertising partners to give better effect to our policy position.

Kind regards,
Llewellyn Walters